MSB Auto - Auto-zeroing problems
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MSB AUTO - Auto-zeroing problems

Before proceeding to the instructions below you should refer to the instruction manual to learn what the instrument can do and how to use it properly.
If you have read the instruction manual and followed the procedures described there, and the problem with auto-zeroing persists it may be due to dirt inside the metal tube that passes through the centre of the balance. To clean this tube please follow the steps described below.
  1. Make sure the instrument is switched off and disconnect all leads from the back panel
  2. Remove the drip tray to give access to the transport clamp screw and use a screwdriver of the right size to engage the clamp by turning the screw clockwise until it goes tight.
  3. Clean the metal tube that passes through the centre of the balance with a cotton bud on a long stick. Use each bud once only, passing it through the tube from top to bottom, removing it through the bottom of the instrument. Repeat until no more dirt comes out.
  4. Connect the handset and the mains adapter to the instrument back panel.
  5. There is a bubble level at the rear of the balance. Adjust the 2 rear feet to set the instrument level on the surface where it will be used.
  6. With the same screwdriver as before, now undo the transport clamp screw by turning anti-clockwise until tight and replace the drip tray. Leave for 10 minutes for the balance mechanism to settle
  7. Connect the mains adapter to a power source.
  8. With no tube in the balance, switch on using the switch on the side of the handset and try the following simple tests.

  1. Observe the display on the handset. It should first show a message like "v1.6.2", then start its auto-zeroing process showing messages in the format "x.xxxE-5Z" with successive values getting closer to "0.000" Please make a note of the first of these readings and the number of steps to reach "0.000E-5Z"
  2. If the zeroing process completes OK then put in an empty sample tube. The display should change to a steady value in the range "-0.002E-4V" to "-0.004E-4V" (make a note of this value).
  3. Press the Range button and the reading should change to a steady value of, say, "-0.040E-5V" (make a note of this value). Press Range again and make a note of the E-6V value.
  4. Remove the tube and check that the reading goes back to "x.xxxE-5Z" and soon becomes "0.000E-5Z"

If everything has gone as described then you have cleared the problem.
If you suspect that the instrument is still not working properly please contact your dealer to ask for further assistance and give them the readings that you noted at the various stages above.