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The history of Sherwood Scientific can be traced back more than 70 years to one of our antecedent companies, Evans Electroselenium Ltd; a company founded by Arthur Evans in the late 1930s and focused on applications of the selenium photocell. Flame Photometers and the CHROMA range of Filter Photometers derived from those applications.

Johnson Matthey is another company in the Sherwood story, with three Sherwood products; the Fluid Bed Dryer, the Magnetic Susceptibility Balance (MSB) and the Microwelder developed under their auspices.  Sherwood Scientific products, now all manufactured in Cambridge, also had association with Corning and CIBA Corning: with Flame Photometer, Chloride Analyser and Colorimeter design and manufacturing rights acquired from them.

Following acquisition, Sherwood Scientific has developed new models in each product line.

For the Flame range the M420, a Dual Channel Flame Photometer with Internal Reference, available for Clinical and Industrial samples came first, followed by the M425.  The M860 Autosampler in 2004 was introduced to work with Sherwood's M420 series of Flame Photometers.  A Retrofit digital interface was introduced for the highly regarded M410 Flame Photometer in 2006 at ArabLab and a lower priced single channel unit, the M360, launched at Achema in 2009.  Most recently, in 2018, the Dual Channel M420Cs, offering Caesium internal reference as an option, was launched. Also available now are BlueNotes software packages for use with M410 and our Dual Channel 420 series of flame photometers. Regulated BlueNotes 420 software, allowing operation of the 420 series of Flames in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, was launched at the beginning of 2018.

The M926 MK11 Chloride analysers were revised and the M926 Mk111 analysers   introduced in 2010 together with a new version of our Active Salt software package.   

The MSB AUTO was developed out of knowledge gained from the highly successful MK1 design. The MSB AUTO is 200 times more sensitive than the classic Evans design.

The CHROMA Colorimeter range comprised of the M252, M254 and M257; was overhauled in 2005 and in 2008.  We now offer two, open system units; the M260 and the M260UV.

The Tornedo Fluid Bed Dryer expanded to analogue, digital and programmable units which were then consolidated to the Model 501 we offer today; still with a wide range of tubs and inlet and outlet filter options.  

The Microwelder product line was divested in 2016.

Below are some Corning Model numbers with the current equivalent Sherwood product.

Flame Photometers

OLDModel 100Model 400 Model 405Model 430Model 435Model 450Model455Model 480
NowModel 410Model 410Model 410 CModel 420Model 420Model 420Model 420Model 420

Other Instruments

OLDModel 92Model 920Model 925Model 965DModel 253
NowModel 926Model 926Model 926SOASModel 257

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