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Applications for Magnetic Susceptibility Balances

Measuring magnetic susceptibility on the micro-scale - MSB001

Review of methods of magnetic susceptibility - MSB002

The use of a magnetic susceptibility balance as a detector in flow analysis - MSB003

Examination of chemical structure using magnetic susceptibility - MSB004

New Application Areas

  • Wear particulate analysis directly on lubricating oils
  • QC of industrial diamonds for trace metal contaminants
  • Pesticide and pharmaceutical analysis by the generation of free radicals
  • Examination of chemical reactions on a microscale and in a protected environment
  • Characterisation of ion exchange adsorption and desorption processes
  • Analysis of rare earth elements and their oxidation states
  • Qualititive analysis of metal complexes
  • QC of catalysts in the petrochemical and plastics industries
  • Archaelogical studies of soil samples to indicate human occupation via the relative oxidation state of metal constiuents
  • Measurement of the oxidation state of haemoglobin
  • Quality control in the fabrication of superconductors
  • A redox detector in flow injection analysis