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Flame Photometer Application Methods

The following applications methods will enable the user to determine alkali and alkaline earth metal concentrations in a wide variety of sample media. It is envisaged that, from the information given in this section, further applications methods will be appended with relative ease. The procedures detailed in this section are as follows:

F-001G Determination of alkalis in cement
F-002F Determination of calcium in beer
F-003M Calcium in biological fluids
F-004F Estimation of calcium in milk
F-007ADetermination of potassium in fertilizers
F-008A Determination of potassium in plant material
F-009A Determination of available potassium in soils
F-011G Sodium and potassium in silicates, minerals and ores
F-012G Determination of sodium in raw pine oil
F-013ADetermination of exchangeable sodium in soils
F-015G The flame photometric determination of sulphate
F-016G The determination of sodium in fuel oil
F-017GThe determination of potassium in mixtures containing plant derived resins
F-018G The determination of lithium in greases
F-019G The simple flame photometric determination of barium
F-020G The simple flame photometric determination of calcium
F-021F The determination of calcium in fruit juice
F-022G The determination of potassium in glass
F-023GThe determination of sodium in glass
F-024A Sodium in straw by flame photometry
F-025FDetermination of sodium and potassium in fruit juice
F-027FThe determination of calcium in biscuits