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Applications for chloride determinations using the 926 chloride meter

Below is a list of the possible applications which will require the measurement of chloride and hence have a requirement for the 926 Chloride Meter.

* A further detailed method is available from Sherwood Scientific for the applications marked with an asterisk. It is hoped that in the future these applications will be published on the web.

  • The diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis: A consensus statement taken from recent Journal of Pediatrics

  • Analysis of sweat chloride by coulometric titration

  • General Methods for Chloride Meters


    Fertiliser Manufacture
    Soil Analysis
    Plant Analysis
    Feed Analysis*


    Cake and Flour Manufacture*
    Quality Analysis of Final Product
    Chemical Additive Analysis*

    Brewing and Wine Production

    Water Analysis Prior to Brewing
    Soil Analysis
    Added Salts Quality Control
    Hop and Grape Analysis

    Cement manufacture*

    Quality Control of cement During Drying Process
    Preparation of Gypsum and plaster Board

    Dried Egg manufacture

    Preparation and Determination of Shelf Life and Stability

    Meat and Fish Processing

    Determination of Added Salt in Curing Process*

    Petroleum and Oil Production

    Determination of Salt Concentration in Bore Slurries*


    Water Analysis
    Antibiotic Production*
    Quality Control of Chemicals used in Drug Manufacture


    Determination of Chloride in Fixing and Developing Solutions

    Food Manufacture

    Chloride Measurement in Tomato/Friut Juices*
    Chloride Determination in canning Liquors, Brines
    Quality control of Final Package after Food Preparation
    Chloride in Yoghurt Manufacture
    Freeze Drying of Food Preparation

    List of Methods of Analysis for Various food samples for the Model 926 Chloride Analyser

    Canned Vegetables
    Cheese Analysis - (Blue, Swiss, Cheddar)
    Dressings - (French Dressings, Mayonaise, Mustard)
    Processed Meat - (Bacon), (Sausage: Beef Frankfurter, fermented Summer, ring Bologna), (Turkey: Frankfurter, Legs, Breast)
    Snacks - (Potato Chips, crisps)
    Spices - (Currey powder, Mixed spice, seasonings
    Tomato Products - (Ketchup, Pastes, Juice)

    Water Industries

    Bore Hole Waters
    Reclaimed Seawater after Desalination


    Determination of Chloride in Milk/Other Related Animal Products